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David Duke is a racist Klan leader who doesn’t deserve a voice in American politics.

Why the media — and Twitter — still give him a national platform boggles my mind.

Well, it doesn’t really.

The press hates President-elect Donald Trump and loves to use Mr. Duke as foil to keep up the narrative that Mr. Trump is a racist, nativist, xenophobe, who doesn’t deserve to be president. Never mind his campaign has repeatedly denounced Mr. Duke’s support.

Let’s keep Mr. Duke in the mainstream!

ABC News Politics tweeted: “Former KKK leader David Duke praises Trump cabinet picks Bannon, Flynn, Sessions, as ‘great.’ “

It then linked to Mr. Duke’s tweets, which I’m not going to detail. Look them up if you want to. I’m not going give him more free publicity.

Dave Weigel, a political reporter for The Washington Post, retweeted a post that said: “David Duke loves these appointments. Says it all, really.”

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show’s digital manager tweeted: “The David Duke approved President and Cabinet.”

Greg Sargent, a liberal columnist at The Post, retweeted: “Bannon: Jews suck. Flynn: Muslims suck. Sessions: Blacks suck. David Duke: You guys rule. Press: ‘Critics say Trump’s hiring racists.’ “

CNBC reporter Ari Levy wrote: “It’s 2016. And David Duke is happy.”

And that’s just a small sampling.

Enough already. Can we please stop highlighting everything Mr. Duke says, as if it’s somehow signifies something about Mr. Trump?

Probably not. It’s the mainstream media after all. No wonder why public trust in that institution is at an all-time low.

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