- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The bankrupt gossip site Gawker and Hulk Hogan — whose real name is Terry Bollea — have reached a multimillion dollar settlement, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The shuttered site, currently owned by Univision Holdings Inc., will pay out $31 million to the former professional wrestler.

In May, a Florida judge upheld a $140 billion judgment a jury had assigned the gossip site in March. At the time, The New York Times broke the news that PayPal investor Peter Thiel had helped bankroll Mr. Bollea’s lawsuit, partly out of animus for the website having outed Mr. Thiel as a gay man in 2007.

“I can defend myself. Most of the people they attack are not people in my category,” Mr. Thiel said, The New York Times reported. “They usually attack less prominent, far less wealthy people that simply can’t defend themselves … even someone like Terry Bollea who is a millionaire and famous and a successful person didn’t quite have the resources to do this alone.”



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