- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 13, 2016

Groups of goons in the U.K. dressing up as “evil clowns” may have met their match: Batman.

A British business called Cumbria Superheroes has launched a campaign to rid the streets of creepy clowns. The effort started when it heard that children in the town were frightened by the bizarre fad.

“To all the little kids that’s been scared and affected by these clowns, you don’t need to worry anymore — Batman is taking care of it,” a British “Batman” said Wednesday on the group’s official Facebook page. “And as for you clowns: If you want to scare someone, why don’t you try and scare me?”

News of Cumbria’s “Batman” was soon picked up by BBC and the U.K. Telegraph, and an image of him chasing down a clown was posted on Twitter.

“We had reports of kids being scared and not wanting to go to sleep,” a member of Cumbria Superheroes told BBC on Wednesday. “And Batman is what a lot of kids look up to. So we thought it was only in our duty to try and prove to the little ones that it is safe. And Batman is out there looking for these clowns.”

The U.K. Telegraph reported Wednesday that a local police department from Selby and Ainsty recently had to address 14 “clown” incidents in less than 24 hours.

Similar disturbances have happened in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

“We think the clown thing has gotten out of hand,” Megan Lehman of Troy, Michigan, Police Department told a local ABC affiliate on Oct. 4.



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