- The Washington Times - Friday, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump’s eldest son published Friday a letter from a 9-year-old girl who wants to see Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton behind bars.

“Such an awesome letter from a 9 year old supporter who came to one of my NC rallies yesterday. Thanks Brylee!!!” Donald Trump Jr., 38, wrote on Instagram with a photograph of the handwritten letter, The Hill reported.

“My name is Brylee Shumack and I am 9-years-old,” read the girl’s letter to Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. “I am from N.C. If I could vote I would vote for you.

“People say that’s because my mommy is voting for you,” she wrote. “But I am smart. Hillary is a bad lady and if you are president I hope you put her in jail. Can meet you one day!”

Brylee added in a postscript that she doesn’t believe everything she sees on TV.

Donald Trump repeated his claim Wednesday at a rally in Florida that Mrs. Clinton “has to go to jail” because the scandal over her private email server she used as secretary of state.

“This is the most heinous, the most serious thing that I’ve ever seen involving justice in the United States — in the history of the United States,” he said. “We have a person that has committed crimes that is now running for the presidency.”



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