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All big three broadcast networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS —  refused to air the undercover video on how some pro-Hillary Clinton groups planned to circumvent election law and actively disrupt Donald Trump rallies.

Instead of covering the highly explosive video evidence of liberal election shenanigans, superficial ABC seriously decided that the first ever three way tie on The Price is Right deserved a news brief lasting 26 seconds on World News Tonight,” Newsbusters wrote in a report Tuesday.

Newsbusters found only Univision had covered the undercover video.

On Monday, Project Veritas, a conservative activist organization, dropped a series of videos exposing the political manipulation of the left, which has led to one Democratic official being fired, and another set to resign. 

Robert Creamer, founder of Democracy Advocates and the husband of Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, stepped down from the campaign Tuesday, a day after Scott Foval was fired from his post as national field director of Americans United for Change.

Mr. Creamer had visited the Obama White House 342 times, according to the administration’s records, including visits to the Obama family’s residence and one, in October of last year, to the Oval Office, the Daily Mail reported.

The two 16-minute videos were released Monday and Tuesday after a yearlong undercover investigation headed by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, known for his hidden-camera probes into Planned Parenthood, ACORN and voter fraud.

The first video shows Democratic strategists discussing how they hire agitators — including union members, homeless people and the mentally ill — to incite violence by provoking Trump supporters on camera at campaign stops.

Project Veritas released a second video Tuesday showing Mr. Foval brainstorming over ways to commit voter fraud, such as by busing people from one state to another, while appearing to indicate that it had already been done in Iowa.

“It’s a pretty easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re busing people in,’” Mr. Foval said. “Well, you know what? We’ve been busing people in to deal with you f–ing assholes for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now. We’re just going to find a different way to do it. So, I mean I grew up with that idea. They used to bus people out to Iowa. If they needed people, there we’d bus people out to Iowa.”

Despite the mainstream media’s lack of coverage (which can also be said about the WikiLeaks revelations) Mr. O’Keefe’s investigation were the No.1 trending video on YouTube.

“Who needs the @WashingtonPost when this second video on massive voter fraud is the No. 1 trending video on YouTube.com,” Mr. O’Keefe tweeted.


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