- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Television legend Norman Lear penned an op-ed Wednesday saying Donald Trump’s “utter contempt” for the U.S. Constitution resembles that of a dictator more than a president.

The “All in the Family” creator accused Mr. Trump of lying, misogyny, bigotry and energizing white nationalists, but what has been “bugging” him the most is the Republican nominee’s “ignorance of, if not utter contempt for, the Constitution,” he wrote.

“What unites us is a commitment to the principles in our Constitution, which we have amended and defended over more than two centuries to extend its promises of freedom, justice and equality to all Americans,” Mr. Lear said. “Of course, we still have disagreements over the meaning and application of our Constitution, and we sort those out in legislatures, courts and at the ballot box. But being able to engage with each other over our disagreements requires a measure of respect for the other guy and for the document itself. Donald Trump has shown neither.”

The 94-year-old laid out several examples in which Mr. Trump purportedly contradicted the Constitution, including his evolving proposal to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the country and his threat this year to rewrite America’s libel laws to make it easier to sue media companies.

“Bless the comedians who make a joke of The Donald and earn our laughter, but Trump’s lack of respect for the Constitution is no joke,” Mr. Lear wrote. “Threatening to jail his political opponent is no joke. And potentially inciting post-election violence by insisting he can’t lose unless the election is stolen from his followers, is no joke.

“These are the sounds and behavior of a dictator, folks, not the president of a free society,” he said. “That is why it’s not enough to think about denying Trump 270 votes in the electoral college. It is why we need to defeat him, to beat his ass so soundly that his dangerous message is thoroughly discredited and for all time.”

Mr. Lear acknowledged this year that Mr. Trump resembles one of the most beloved characters from his 1970s series “All in the Family,” The Hill reported.

“He is Archie Bunker,” he said in June. “I think of Donald Trump as the middle finger of the American right hand.”

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