- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday said people need to elect Donald Trump as the next president and that he’s concerned about issues like the U.S. Supreme Court and foreign policy.

“I want to see this country change. I’m concerned about the Supreme Court. I’m concerned about the actions of foreign policy, of where America currently stands based upon the former secretary of state,” Mr. McCarthy, California Republican, said on “Fox and Friends.”

“We are going to keep this House,” he said. “We need to elect Donald Trump president.”

“We know the actions of Hillary Clinton,” Mr. McCarthy said. “We know the decisions that have to be made before the Supreme Court. We know the actions that Hillary Clinton took after she got a subpoena from Congress to control and keep her emails.”

“She then goes to another company to bleach them. Is that a person capable of becoming president?” he said. “Is that a person that we want to be president? And don’t we want to see some change in this country?”

“Do we want status quo? And the only choice [is] are you for Hillary [or] are you for Donald?” he said.

Mr. McCarthy’s call comes as other GOP leaders and some Republican members running for re-election in swing districts have kept Mr. Trump at arm’s length.



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