- The Washington Times - Monday, September 26, 2016

Safe spaces for me, but not for thee.

That’s the lesson a group of conservative students at the University of Kansas learned, when their Thursday night debate about “safe spaces” was crashed by social justice warriors, who berated their classmates as “racists” and “white supremacists” for holding the event.

A video edited by Campus Reform shows the KU Young Americans for Freedom meeting quickly devolving into shouts and demands once the campus activists arrive on the scene.

One protester continually bangs on the table, accusing her classmates of spreading “hatred” by defending free speech.

When one of the conservative students suggests that safe spaces serve as an intellectual retreat from ideas with which one disagrees, another activist immediately takes issue.

“I am not retreating! I’m making myself safe and comfortable,” the student says, similarly pounding his fists on the table. “If I want this space, I can have this space! It’s my right to have this space!”

The conservative group is also repeatedly condemned for not calling a transgender student by the proper pronouns.

“My pronouns are ‘they’!” the transgender student cries at one point. “So from now on, when you refer to ‘them,’ use ‘they’ and ‘their,’ because we’ve shown you the respect to refer to you by your name. So from now on you will refer to them as ‘they,’ because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of [expletive] 12.”

When one conservative student casually refers to his antagonists as “you guys,” the entire room goes crazy.

“Do not call us you guys!” one student shouts. “That is a microaggression!”

(Warning: Some cursing on the video.)

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