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One of my books is called “The New Thought Police,” which describes the vapid left’s survival strategy — shutting down debate and all questioning by declaring anything that does not bow down to the left-wing narrative as racist, sexist and/or homophobic.

Case in point: During and after the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a racist and a sexist.

Bullying on a cultural scale is the only thing the left can employ as they can’t win on the details of the issues; they are unable to persuade voters so they lie and smear hoping you won’t notice the torch they’re holding in their other hand.

Which brings us to the Hofstra debate and the behavior of Mrs. Clinton’s team. Little did we know that once Hillary broke the famous “glass ceiling,” she’d demand a Safe Space and a binky.

One of her campaign enforcers, The New York Times, published an opinion piece whining about the fact that Mr. Trump interrupted Mrs. Clinton during one of the many times when she was lying or misrepresenting a fact. Considering the moderator was biased for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump was on his own keeping the record honest.

And that’s why they call it a “debate.” These aren’t cocktail or dinner parties, they’re exchanges between two people vying for the most important position in the world with the power over people’s lives, whether there will be a future for our children, and if this nation survives.

But Hillary Clinton and her supporters want you to think this campaign is all about Mr. Trump being a sexist because he dares to engage and confront her.

As feminists, we’ve been fighting for decades under the premise that we can do everything a man can do and demanding to be treated equally when we do reach those pinnacles.

But not according to Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton wants special rules. Before the debate, her team complained that they wanted the moderator to “fact check” Mr. Trump because this debate was somehow “special,” and she shouldn’t have to respond to him. They wanted their woman candidate to be protected from the rigors and realities of debating.

I remember Hillary Clinton’s cattle futures trading profit scheme. Maybe this time she’s invested in diapers?

After the debate, the Clinton team’s big strategy is calling Mr. Trump a sexist (again) because of a word he used describing a beauty pageant contestant.

Why would Team Clinton want you to judge Mr. Trump on a word he used 20 years ago? Because they very much want you to forget that just a couple of weeks ago Mrs. Clinton shockingly called tens of millions of Americans “deplorables,” irredeemable and not American.

Now you tell me, who is unfit for the White House? A man who may have been rude on occasion to an individual or a woman who, while wielding political power, has called black men “superpredators” and on television and at public fundraisers declared millions of Americans who disagree with her “deplorables?”

Here’s a news flash for Mrs. Clinton: On Nov. 8, we’re not electing a husband, or boyfriend or the guy who will escort our daughter to the prom; we’re electing a leader, the equivalent of a trauma surgeon in the emergency room who is going to save this country so we can continue to work to undo the carnage that Mrs. Clinton and her friends have caused.

The dead cannot be brought back, but we can keep more Americans from falling victim to the malevolent incompetence informing everything Hillary Clinton does.

We are choosing leadership that will undo the Obama-Clinton misogyny of a horrible economy, endless war, open borders, terrorist violence on our own soil, the end of law and order, the abandoning of our veterans as we condemn them to the hell of the Veterans Administration, the scourge of political correctness that keeps us from even naming our enemy let alone defeat them, and policies and regulations that smash any hope for financial security and a better future.

And don’t forget Obamacare, the monster the Obama-Clinton teams are most proud of, which destroyed women’s relationships with their doctors and hospitals by ripping them from our lives. Suddenly, the Democrats and liberals aren’t so pro-choice, are they?

Bottom Line: Hillary Clinton is an accomplice in a scheme making it impossible for women, financially and otherwise, to care for ourselves and our families in the most basic of ways. She represents, promotes and believes in policies that keep our daughters, mothers, best friends, sisters and ourselves, from living lives that best suit us.

But hey, we got consolation prizes. Food stamps, kids murdered by gangs on the way to school, the return of diseases we thought long eradicated and a zombie terrorist army roaming the world. If that’s not bad enough, the FBI director is now warning of a “terrorist diaspora” coming to the United States.

No wonder Hillary Clinton wants you to think that Donald Trump is a dangerous racist and sexist. That, too, is a lie, and one she’s reminded of every time she looks in the mirror.

Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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