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Tina Brown, author, journalist, business owner and one of the leading voices behind the Women of the World Summit that just wrapped in New York City, said Hillary Clinton was right — she was a victim of misogyny during the recent presidential election.

And she said that the misogyny was so intense, Clinton was practically turned into a Typhoid Mary on the campaign trail. Well, we’re already in Stupid Land, might as well look around a while.

Clinton did make some campaign errors, Brown said (ya think?). But her loss wasn’t all due to those errors, she went on.

“[Clinton] also was being asked to itemize some of the things that she felt from the outside had really affected things,” Brown said, apparently forgetting such itemization is generally, on campaign trails, referred to as Candidate Platform.

Anyhow, moving on … Brown referred to Clinton’s own delivery of remarks at the Women in World Summit, the ones where she said “certainly, misogyny played a role” in her election loss. And Brown’s reaction to that?

“I think that she was right about the misogyny piece,” Brown said, as Breitbart noted. “I mean, she did talk about how, when she left the State Department, she had a 64 percent approval rating, but as soon as she began to run for office she was turning into — she was turned into ‘Typhoid Mary.’ “

Oh come on now, Tina. Let’s not insult Typhoid Mary.

The reason Clinton lost was ‘cause — and how to say this diplomatically? — she’s a liar. And she’s not even very good at it. She’s always getting caught.

Therein lies a clue to good politicking: Don’t get caught lying.

“[Poor Clinton was] in a crouch position” all the time during campaign interviews, Brown moaned, “because she was constantly under attack for the emails, which was really, really, in the end, when you look back on it, insane.”

Yes, it was insane of Clinton to think that the American people would believe her statements over those of FBI’s James Comey or the revelations of document dumps by WikiLeaks. No time to go into the list right now, but this headline from National Review is an apt summary of why Clinton lost the election, and why she was insane to think the American voter would overlook her lies at the ballot box: “Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie: The Quick List of Clinton’s Eight E-mail Lies.”

That’s by Celina Durgin, from July 2016, and it’s a handy desk-drawer addition.

In the meantime, though: Characterizing Clinton’s election loss as based on some national harboring of a hatred of women is about as sensible as — well, as calling out the media and U.S. voter for treating the ex-State chief like Typhoid Mary. It’s just not. What’s needed here is a grip on reality; Clinton lost because the American voter weighed her on the scales of truth and found her lacking.

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