- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 13, 2017


It’s amazing what a little public pressure can do.

Lansing, Michigan, the city led by liberals who just days ago voted 6-0 to do a Barack Obama and roll out the welcome mat for illegals, now overturned its “sanctuary” status.

In one quick week, Lansing went from sanctuary to not — from lawless to lawful. Why?

Pure and simple: Because Obama’s not there to protect them any more.

Last week, council members, 5-2, gave a stamp of approval to add the tag of “sanctuary” onto their city. But the vote was quickly condemned. Business leaders, in particular, said opening doors in such manner to illegals would make the city unattractive for future investments.

More than that, though, the U.S. government, under President Donald Trump, is taking a hard-line approach on jurisdictions that refuse to abide federal immigration policy. Specifically, Trump, and now his new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, vowed to cut federal fundings for cities that wouldn’t drop their sanctuary statuses.

Cities around the nation are fighting back against Trump. But fact is: the Constitution speaks clearly on this. And when it comes to enforcing borders, the feds have the authority to enforce.

The Trump border message is getting out. And now, instead of simply seething against an arrogant Obama who used his position of power to erase America’s borders — and in so doing, the national identity of the country — those who prefer the law and order way of doing things are feeling supported by the feds.

They’re seeing their push-backs against the progressive march actually get some steam.

Finally. Trump’s strong rhetoric, backed by strong Cabinet appointees, is already putting a fear of accountability into the hearts of those left-leaners who had carte blanche, for the last eight years, to pretty much abide or toss immigration laws as they saw fit — so long as what they saw fit was in accordance with the radical open border dreams of the Democrats. And accountability in governance is always a good thing for the citizens.

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