- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reports of revolt against President Trump at the Environmental Protection Agency is the result of a changing administration and ideology within the organization, said Administrator Scott Pruitt.

“There’s been change of direction at the EPA,” Mr. Pruitt said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, “The president has sent a very clear message that the last eight years where we had to choose between jobs and the environment, those days are over.

“You see a competitiveness, a concern of about happened the past eight years from some of the employees, but we’ve tried not to prejudge that,” the former attorney general of Oklahoma added.

He also said he wanted to give those people who worked at the EPA under President Obama confidence in the direction the agency is going saying, “Hopefully they’ll respond positively.”

Mr. Pruitt also said that the agency will help Mr. Trump build his border wall, something environmentalists have already expressed concerns about.

“The wall is going to be built,” Mr. Pruitt confirmed.



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