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Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton — you know, the guy leftists hated because he dared to stand strong in the face of Israel-hating globalists and anti-America elitists — offered up a pretty blunt assessment of the North Korea thang that went like this: Want to get rid of the nuke threat from the regime? Then take out the regime.

Force a reunification with the South.

Bleak — but true. Right?

Seriously, there are some foreign leaders who just embrace their dictatorial powers to such extent that no amount of talking, no amount of diplomacy, is going to move them.

And here’s a bit of a clue for the wimpy intellectuals of the world who spend so much time trying to see all sides of an issue that common sense goes out the window, truth fogs and moral equivalencies are drawn where they have no business being drawn: There is actual evil in this world — gasp.

Yes, there is.

And generally, evil doesn’t respond to a good talking to. That two-minute time-out? Ain’t gonna work here.

Bolton gets that. Obama, as we all know, didn’t.

“Because of eight years of the Obama administration doing nothing [in North Korea], under the guise of a policy they called ‘strategic patience,’ which was really a synonym for doing nothing, North Korea is perilously close to having the capability to put a nuclear device under the nose cone of an ICBM and land it on the United States,” he said in an interview with Breitbart.

Thanks, Obama. No doubt, next up, Iran, the country that most benefited from the flawed, very flawed, nuclear treaty forged by Obama, over the loud opposition of Israel, Republicans and — well, the sane.

But back to Bolton, on North Korea: “You ask what the long-term solution is. I believe this: North Korea will never be talked out of its nuclear weapons — not by diplomacy, not by economic pressure. People in North Korea live in a prison camp now. The regime doesn’t care about their economic well-being. They care about staying in power. A nuclear weapon is the regime’s ace in the hole to stay in power.”

So the only way to deal?

“I think the only long-term way to deal with the North Korean nuclear weapons program is to end the regime in North Korea,” Bolton said. “Reunite the Korean peninsula. … We need to bring them to the realization that reunification is going to happen one way or the other.”

That’s a realization that is going to require a strong stomach from America. Why?

Because it’s not going happen peaceably.

“We can either do it the sensible way,” Bolton said, “or it will happen in a much more threatening way. I don’t pretend that’s easy, but that’s the real solution.”


It’s a rock and hard place foreign policy face-off that comes down to this, for America: Ignore the regime and pretend they’re not a threat — a la Obama. Or recognize the regime as a nuclear threat and prepare for a long haul, dig-in military operation that’s not going to end until the dictatorship is crumbled.

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