- The Washington Times - Monday, April 17, 2017

Rep. Tom Cole predicted Monday that Republicans would hold off the Democrats in Georgia’s congressional race until the June runoff.

“I think we hold [Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff] under 50 and win it in June,” Mr. Cole said on MSNBC.

“I think Democrats have a lot of advantages,” the Oklahoma Republican explained, “They’re united, they’re energized, [and] they have unlimited resources.”

The special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Tuesday is to fill the seat vacated by Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price.

Mr. Cole said he believed Mr. Ossoff was too far left to win the seat in June.

“I think they’ve got a candidate that’s too far to the left,” he said, adding that the national focus on the race has given Republicans time to increase their turnout, something Republicans need to stay competitive there.

Mr. Cole also talked about the recent change in policy regarding the White House visitor logs, saying he disagreed with the Trump administration’s decision to stop publishing the logs for the public.

“I don’t think anything sinister is happening there. It’s a question of access,” Mr. Cole said. “The president is within his rights, but personally I would release them.”



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