- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rep. Sean Duffy, Wisconsin Republican, on Tuesday said there are slightly better-than-even odds that Republicans will pass some kind of legislation related to health care, but he said the House has to get something to the Senate in the next month or so.

“We are in flux on health care. I think we have another three to four weeks to get the health care package done, out of the House and send it over to the Senate,” Mr. Duffy said on the Fox Business Network.

“This is probably a 60-40 possibility that we actually get it done,” he said.

Mr. Duffy said moderates and conservatives are talking behind the scenes trying to hash out differences.

“There’s progress being made, and I’m very hopeful still that the next three weeks we can get that done,” he said.

Mr. Duffy cited the timeline of about a month because of budget rules Republicans want to use to pass legislation.

“I think tax reform will get done if we get health care done,” he said. “If health care doesn’t get done, you’re not going to see tax reform done because you can’t use budget reconciliation.”

House Republicans pulled legislation repealing parts of Obamacare from floor consideration late last month after it became clear the bill couldn’t pass at that point.



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