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Media personality and noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones defended his professional reputation Tuesday after his own attorney portrayed him as a “performance artist” on the eve of a widely-watched custody battle.

Mr. Jones is expected to testify as early as Wednesday afternoon in his ex-wife’s attempt to reclaim custody of the couple’s three children amid concerns surrounding their father’s mental stability, largely stemming from his on-air persona.

But while Mr. Jones’ own attorney, Randall Wilhite, described their client over the weekend as a “performance artist” playing a “character,” the media personality pushed back in a series of videos subsequently uploaded to YouTube afterwards.

According to Mr. Jones, the media has pounced upon his lawyer’s recent comment in a bid to execute a character assassination of sorts sponsored none other than “globalists.”

“I am completely real and everybody knows it,” Mr. Jones said in a video uploaded Tuesday prior to his appearance at Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas. “Globalism is in crisis. World government is now admitted to be real. Our audience exposed it, they took action and that’s what the globalists are really attacking is our audience and trying to demoralize them.”

Mr. Jones rehashed the topic during a broadcast of his InfoWars program later Tuesday.

“They don’t like us because we are able to get a talking point out thats true, and the system wants a monopoly of control over the news and over the information,” Mr. Jones said. “That’s why they lie and say we’re fake news.

“We’re the most bona fide, hardcore, real McCoy thing there is, and everybody knows it and we’re delivering the goods,” Mr. Jones added. “But they sit there and play games. I’m the opposite of some scripted person.”

Mr. Jones has maintained custody of his three children following his divorce in 2015 from his ex-wife, Kelly Jones. Contrary to Mr. Wilhite’s assertion, Ms. Jones claims her ex-husband is the same individual off-air as the person who notoriously accused the U.S. government of inventing the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012, among other alleged “false flags.”

“He’s not a stable person,” she told the Austin Statesman on Sunday. “He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.”

Mr. Jones began broadcasting in Texas over two decades ago,and currently reaches millions of people per month through his InfoWars website and YouTube channels, including President Trump and his advisers, by Mr. Jones’ own account.

Mr. Trump appeared on InfoWars in 2015, telling Mr. Jones then: “Your reputation’s amazing.”

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