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Scientists — and granted, that term is used most loosely in this context — have taken a page from the leftist woman’s playbook on How to Defeat Donald Trump in Six Easy Protest Steps and, upset at the president’s climate change views, scheduled some mean marches for the streets of Washington, D.C.

They’re calling it the March for Science, and unlike the Women’s March that saw participants donning pink hats with female genitalia mock-ups atop their heads, these newest anti-Trumpers will be distributing free pocket protecters to all who come.

I jest.

Everybody knows proper scientists already have their own pocket protecters.

Really, they’ll be raffling off bumper stickers for backpacks. Less chance for greenhouse gas emissions. Cuts down on the carbon dioxide levels. They come in green, yellow and white.

Anyway, this group of young scholars will be meeting on the National Mall on Saturday. And for those with vacation time to kill — and what good socialist-minded environmentalist doesn’t have lots of free time? — go ahead and hang around for another week for another hate Trump rally disguised as sound science advocacy, the People’s Climate March, set for the following Saturday.

“The March for Science idea grew out of the Women’s March, a mass protest that drew millions of demonstrators around the country in January, one day after Trump was sworn in as president,” The Hill reported. “Science activists saw the event as something they could replicate and devised similar action — a large D.C. rally with satellite protests around the country — based on showing general support for science policy.”

Gotta love it. “Science activists.” Not scientists — but the guys behind the scientists who do the real work. The propaganda, get-out-the-funding work that keeps the wheels churning on climate change alarmism.

Of course, Bill Nye, everybody’s favorite leftist science guy, will have a key speaking role. And much as the science activists have tried to pitch the event as nonpartisan — well, we know better, don’t we America.

The march is all about pressuring Trump, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and the White House administration to follow the same anti-business, anti-growth, anti-America, pro-United Nations environmental policies so loved and embraced by Barack Obama. Calling it nonpartisan is a stretch — about as much of a stretch as the women in the recent Women’s March who demanded free birth control, unfettered access to abortions and the head of President Trump on a platter calling themselves true representatives of women’s causes.

Should be a show, anyway. It’s always nice to see the left engaging in acts of desperation they know won’t gain them policy traction. Makes for interesting weekend news talks and mainstream media outrage.

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