- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Republican Rep. Tom Reed said Wednesday on MSNBC that their Problem Solvers Caucus will support the spending bill as long as it’s “clean.”

Mr. Gottheimer said that means no funding for the border wall.

“Democrats are for tough border security,” said the New Jersey Democrat, but he doesn’t believe Congress has enough information on the wall to vote on it yet.

“I want to see the details of what we’re talking about,” Mr. Gottheimer said.

Mr. Reed agreed, but did say he thinks President Trump will get the funding for the wall down the road, and will also make Mexico pay for it.

“The president is able to negotiate in ways I’ve never seen before,” said Mr. Reed, New York Republican.

The pair agreed, however, that their goal this time around is to “keep the lights on” for the government.



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