- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Arnold-Donald feud flares up.

In a speech in Los Angeles hours before he was to appear on CNN for a town-hall meeting, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger went after President Trump like a relentless cyborg, accusing him of stealing from children.

Mr. Schwarzenegger, who took over as host of “Celebrity Apprentice” after Mr. Trump’s presidency-motivated departure, singled out Mr. Trump’s budget plan to eliminate the $1.2 billion 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program.

“President Trump promised us he wants to ‘make America great again.’ That’s not how you make America great, by taking $1.2 billion from the children and robbing them blind,” Mr. Schwarzenegger told the National After-School Summit at the University of Southern California’s Schwarzenegger Institute.

“Why would he do that?” the Austrian-born actor said. “Why would he want to balance the budget on the backs of those kids?”

Mr. Trump and Mr. Schwarzenegger, the latter of whom has been the subject of pining among some Republicans as potential presidential timbre except for his foreign birth, have engaged in an increasingly sharp war of words since Mr. Trump blamed “Celebrity Apprentice’s collapsing ratings and cancellation on Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Schwarzenegger alluded to perhaps his most-famous role in his speech, telling the after-school program leaders “terminators.”

“When I look at you, I see a bunch of warriors,” he said, according to a CNN report. “We’re going to go to Washington, and we’re not going to take this lying down.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger was scheduled to appear Wednesday evening on another Trump nemesis — CNN, which the president frequently denounces as “fake news” and “biased.” He will appear on “The Messy Truth,” a show hosted by former Van Jones, a former Obama administration green-jobs czar. 



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