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Take guitarist Doug Aldrich (Dio/Whitesnake) alongside bass man Marco Mendoza (Lynch Mob/Thin Lizzy), add underrated vocalist John Corabi (Motley Crue/Scream), mix in drummer Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Billy Idol) and band founder guitarist David Lowy, and you have Dead Daises — a sleazy blast of honest American rock ‘n’ roll.

Just don’t call them a supergroup.

Guitarist Mr. Aldrich discussed what he learned from both Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale and what fans can expect when Dead Daisies plays Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Friday.

Question: I heard you guys recently returned from South America. What was it like playing down there?

Answer: It was awesome! South America is one of the most fun places to play because the fans are so passionate. They’re loud. It was cool because it was our first time going down there.

Q: Where are the craziest fans?

A: Argentina and Chile are crazy. Berserk. In between songs they do a lot of football cheers: “Ole! Ole! Ole!”

Q: How did Dead Daises come together?

A: It started in 2012 with David Lowy and a guy called John Stevens. John was the singer in INXS after Michael Hutchence. David and John got together and started writing songs [and] decided to get some guys and record it.

All of a sudden they put out a record, but it wasn’t really a solid band — too many moving parts that were coming and going. Then they got [bassist] Marco [Mendoza] in the band, and he knows everybody. He got Brian Tichy involved. He got John Corabi involved when John Stevens left.

Brian also got Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed. They were pretty solid at that time, but David Lowy knew at some point Richard and Dizzy would be going back to Guns N’ Roses. When that happened, Richard recommended me.

It was easy. They said, “Do you want to make a record?” It was enticing that way because it’s nice to start with a new record.

Q: Do you think this lineup is locked in now?

A: I would say so. I think this is a very strong lineup, and David Lowy is very happy with it. That said, if somebody got an offer they couldn’t resist, I would be the first one to say, “Do what you gotta do.”

We’re having a good time, and it’s nice to see that the band is growing and getting more exposure.

Q: Do you consider the band a supergroup?

A: Nah. We don’t think like that. That is for other people to say. We used to say we are a “soup group.” I like Ramen noodle soup. Brian likes chili. But that’s not technically a soup, it’s a stew.

Q: Are the egos in check because you’ve all worked with big personalities with big egos before?

A: Ego is not a bad thing for those guys. For somebody like David Coverdale, you have to have an ego to be 64 and get out there and kick ass like he does. It takes balls to do that. So you need an ego.

With this band we are all at the same level.

Q: Is it tough to break a new rock band these days?

A: I’m kind of a late bloomer. There was a time when Whitesnake was selling millions of record, but I wasn’t in Whitesnake at that time. That period was great.

For new bands it’s very hard to get a record deal, and if you do, the deals are small because people aren’t buying the records.

The good part is using some tools like social media, you get your music exposed to millions of people immediately. You can get millions of views on Facebook, and those views and those followers can translate into booking tours [and] getting tour dates. And if you’re touring clubs, you can make a living.

Q: What can people expect when they come to see Dead Daisies?

A: They’re going to have a good time. The main thing is that the band interacts really well with the audience. We have some really fun personalities.

I have been very lucky to work with some great singers and frontmen and John Corabi is right up there with Ronnie [James Dio] and [David] Coverdale.

Q: What is up with your other band, Revolution Saints?

A: The new record is done. It’s called “Light in the Dark” and is coming in October. That is a situation where you have to finesse the scheduling. I’ve got Dead Daises and Jack [Blades] has Night Ranger. Deen Castronovo has his trouble but is now two years clean and sober, and he’s kicking ass. Maybe we could do some special dates.

Q: What was your favorite part of being in Whitesnake?

A: The best part of working with David was that he and I just hit it off. He was like a big brother that I never had. It started with him wanting to do a two-month run with me. At the time I was still in Dio. I talked to Ronnie, and he said, “Go for it.”

Two months turned into 11 years-plus [and] 30 songs we wrote and published together. Musically we jelled. Writing and accomplishing music was the best part.

Q: What did you learn from being in Dio?

A: Ronnie really gave me a chance and put me out there worldwide. He got my name out there. Whatever I am, it’s thanks to Ronnie. I owe him big-time for that. He taught me how to really own what you’re doing.

No one owned a performance like Ronnie.

Dead Daisies plays Rams Head Live in Baltimore Friday. Tickets are available by going to AXS.com.

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