- The Washington Times - Monday, August 28, 2017

President Trump called Hurricane Harvey “the biggest ever” Monday as he prepared to tour flooding and other damage in areas of Texas devastated by the storm.

“It’s the biggest ever,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “Like Texas, if you think about it.”

He said federal aid to help the region recover will be a “very expensive situation.”

Mr. Trump said he will likely tour flood damage twice this week, including his trip to Texas on Tuesday to view the devastation.

“Our thoughts are with those in Houston,” Mr. Trump said in brief remarks in the Oval Office. “The coordination between all of the different services, as you know, has been going very well. Things are being handled really well, the spirit is incredible of the people.”

The president said the nation is hoping for “strength and courage” for those affected by epic flooding and other storm damage, with much of the rainfall still coming.

“We may actually go back on Saturday, depending on where the storm goes we may also go to Louisiana on Saturday,” the president said.



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