- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

President Trump said Tuesday the recovery process after Hurricane Harvey will be a “costly proposition” and that the storm has already led to historic levels of damage.

“We’re going to be working with Congress on helping out the state of Texas,” Mr. Trump said at a briefing with officials, Cabinet members, and members of Congress in Austin. “It’s going to be a costly proposition.”

“Probably there’s never been anything so expensive in our country’s history,” he said. “There’s never been anything so historic in terms of damage and in terms of ferocity as what we’ve witnessed with Harvey.”

Mr. Trump had earlier met with officials in Annaville to get an update on the storm.

He predicted at a news conference Monday that Texas would get what they needed in terms of funding with help from Congress, which could soon be considering a supplemental spending bill to assist with the recovery.



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