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There’s a new camp in El Cerrito, a California town — and horrifically enough, it’s aimed at serving the transgender kid population.

It’s called Rainbow Day Camp. It ought to be called Brainwash Abuse Central and accordingly shut down.

This is what it offers: a safe space for kids up to age 12 to be the transgenders they were created to be.

Say what? Branding children as young as 4, as this camp does — as these terrible parents do — is akin to child abuse. Teaching them sex is as selective and interchangeable as the clothing they wear is setting their lives on a path of ridicule, confusion and deceit.

Once again, for the hard-of-hearing in the back of the room: Sex is determined by God. Gender is not a flavor of the day. It’s not the role of a 4-year-old to choose.

Get this, from NBC News: “In some ways, Rainbow Day Camp is very ordinary. Kids arrive with a packed lunch, make friendship bracelets, play basketball, sing songs and get silly. But it is also extraordinarily unique … At check-in each day, campers make a nametag with their pronoun of choice. Some opt for ‘she’ or ‘he.’ Or a combination of ‘she/he.’ Or ‘they,’ or no pronoun at all. Some change their name or pronouns daily, to see what feels right.”


The most basic of self-identifiers is gender. It’s one of the earliest life lessons — a real toddler teaching moment. Take that away and what’s left?

A small mind, a vulnerable mind, maturing with an inability to grasp the special characteristics specific to his or her sex.

Rather than fine young boys, or smart little girls, what comes are drone-like individuals, drifting between genders, unsure which fits — uncertain of one of the most basic of footsteps God awards at conception.

It’s confusing to even fathom. How chaotic it must be to live.

Certainly, if adults want to choose a life of transgenderism, or drifting gender, or no gender, they’re free. America, after all, is not a land of Islam.

But forcing children to adopt this lifestyle — compelling children to become tools of social engineering for a feel-good moment for the LGBT crowd? What a sad, pitiful, abysmal situation.

“Once she could talk,” said one mother, Molly Maxwell, explaining her 6-year-old son’s choice of “she” as a pronoun and ultimate selection of Gracie as a name, to NBC, “I don’t remember a time when she didn’t say, ‘I’m a girl.’ Then it grew in intensity. ‘I’m a sister, I’m a daughter, I’m a princess.’ We would argue with her. She was confused. We were confused.”

So the solution is to give in to a petulant child who knows nothing and say, in effect, “OK dear, you can be a girl?”

No. Children are not the bosses; parents are. No arguing needed.

“Living in the liberal-minded Bay Area made it easier,” the Maxwell’s story goes on. “The Maxwells found a transgender play group, sought specialists and at 4 years old, let Gracie grow her hair, dress as a girl and eventually change her name.”

In other words: They relinquished their parental roles and responsibilities to their 4-year-old child. And this is what America is supposed to be respecting, not resisting?

It’s strange that these same parents that would cede something like gender to a child who’s not yet reached the age of reason would likely stand strong on, say, denying that same child the demand to drive, play with lighters, consume alcohol — or any number of other activities and games that could prove harmful and dangerous. But sex?

Apparently, these same parents can’t fathom the natural curiosity of children and their common propensities to explore, and the fact that young kids often pretend — yes, even to the point where boys play with girls’ things and girls behave more like boys. It doesn’t mean they’ve magically changed gender; it simply means they’re growing, searching, experimenting — and this is where parents are supposed to guide and shape and instruct.

What they’re not supposed to do is deceive and alter reality.

The fact that now a day camp has sprung to enable these dysfunctional families further — attracting clients from as far away as Washington, D.C., and New York City — is a sorry reflection of modern times.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Rubber-stamping the youth with the notion it’s not is a form of propaganda, a teaching of truly secular and damaging ideas. And no matter what songs are sung at this camp, no matter what games are played and smiles won, fact is: changing the natural order of sex by force-feeding deceptions to the most vulnerable and mentally pliable, the children, is a tool of evil.

Call it what you want. But typically, brainwashing is a considered a form of abuse. And that means this camp, and the parents who send their kids there, are committing acts of child abuse, no matter how happy-sounding it all seems. This camp deserves one fate and one fate only: to be shuttered in shame.

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