- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 17, 2017

Actor/Director/Activist Rob Reiner called on his 278,000 Twitter followers to “prepare to take the streets” in anticipation of what he calls a “constitutional crisis” over Fox News’ critical coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of apparently partisan investigators.

The actor best known for his role as misguided liberal “Meathead” from the 1970’s sitcom “All in the Family,” claimed that Fox News was President Trump’s “State Run TV” and suggested the cable news network was “attacking” Mueller’s team at the president’s behest.

As you might expect, Reiner’s call for some sort of street level direct action in response to critical reporting of the Mueller team attracted some fine responses from critics on Twitter.

Some of our favorites:

It’s kind of sad to sit in the elite lap of luxury that Reiner has occupied from literally his birth and not recognize that one cable network focusing serious attention on legitimately disconcerting behaviors from members of the Justice Department is hardly the stuff of “constitutional crisis” and worthy of “taking the streets” over.

But, you know what’s even sadder? Being 70 years old and having a column at The Washington Times accurately describe you as “best known” for something you did almost fifty years ago. Sad, Meathead, sad.

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