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94% of aliens currently held in federal prisons are in the country illegally, according to a new report from the Department of Justice. 

“Nearly 95 percent of confirmed aliens in our federal prisons are here illegally. We know based on sentencing data that non-citizens commit a substantially disproportionate number of drug-related offenses, which contributes to our national drug abuse crisis,” said Sessions.

“The simple fact is that any offense committed by a criminal alien is ultimately preventable. One victim is too many. It’s time for Congress to enact the president’s immigration reform agenda so that we start welcoming the best and brightest while turning away drug dealers, gang members, and other criminals,”he added.

The report also details the number of “known or suspected” illegal aliens in federal jails as 58,766, which accounts for 31% of all federal prisoners. This number is up from the previously reported statistic of 25% as reported several years ago. 

This is a number I am familiar with because it was challenged by the left-wing “fact check” outlet PolitiFact when I noted it on Fox News in 2015.

In the middle of this verbal melee — Carlson interjected with “Let me take control of this” — O’Connor said “25 percent of federal inmates are noncitizens.”

Rozenberg insisted O’Connor’s facts were wrong. O’Connor insisted otherwise. We thought we’d see what the data say.

O’Connor pointed us to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website and the numbers there fully support his statement.

As of the end of May 2015, 23.4 percent of the inmates (a total of 48,470) are not U.S. citizens. The largest share by far, 16 percent are Mexican, as this pie chart from the bureau shows.

Despite the undeniable facts supported by that definitive statement, PolitiFact still characterized my statement as “Mostly True” because, well… because they’re biased, political hacks. 

Nevertheless, the facts are the facts and, according to this new data, the situation is getting worse, not better. 

After Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the subject of crimes committed by immigrants and aliens in America was at the forefront of many political debates. Spin and misinformation tends to cloud this topic and considering most local municipalities do not record immigration status of prisoners in state or county jails, federal penitentiaries are the only reliable clearing houses for this data. 

Despite these new findings, don’t count on the media to stop parroting the talking point that “illegal immigrants are not more likely to commit crimes” in America. It’s too important for their political point of view to ever give up that trope. But, hopefully, the next time it’s repeated a smart and quick-thinking conservative talking head will bring out this data and challenge their debating partner. 

Since 94% of all aliens currently held in federal prisons are in the country illegally, can we at least admit that those who are in this country illegally are more likely to break the law compared to a legal guest in this country? What do you say, PolitiFact? 

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