- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Florida college will feature a lecture during its annual “Sex Week” in early March that will promote polyamory as an “ethical … alternative to cheating,” Campus Reform reported Wednesday.

The University of North Florida will play host to a workshop — sponsored by the Fayetteville, Georgia-based Relationship Equality Foundation — titled “Polyamory vs. Cheating: Lessons from a Former Serial Monogamist,” Campus Reform said. 

“The event itself will apparently be ‘geared towards the poly-curious,’ meaning those who are considering ‘ethical non-monogamy as an alternative to cheating,’ ” according to Campus Reform.

Billed as a “week-long series of events that feature a sex-positive message,” UNF’s Sex Week also includes events promoting sex toys and bondage, as well as a March 7 keynote address titled “May I Kiss You?: Sexual Communication and Consent.”

For its part, UNF’s official sexual misconduct policy warns students and faculty that consent for sexual intercourse “means a knowing, voluntary informed affirmative act or statement by each person involved” and that one’s “[l]ack of protest, lack of resistance or silence does not mean consent.”

Conservative critics in recent years have pointed to such “affirmative consent” policies as due-process landmines for accused rapists, usually male students, who find themselves essentially accused of rape for incidents which were, at the time, deemed consensual.



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