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I never thought the way to defeat the New England Patriots was to elect Donald Trump to the presidency.

And yet, here we are.

The Boston Globe reported this week that many Patriots fans are wavering in their support of the blockbuster franchise because the owner, coach and star quarterback have all expressed a fondness for Mr. Trump.

“With sports, there definitely are a lot of things that you overlook in order to just enjoy the entertainment of it,” Chuck Daly, a 26-year-old South Shore native, told the Globe. “I was a Pats fan my whole life. I want to watch and love them and root for them. I just feel like I can’t.”

“Now, at a time when Daly should be exulting in yet another banner season — Sunday’s Super Bowl LI matchup with the Atlanta Falcons will be the team’s seventh title-game appearance in 16 years — he is among a contingent of fans who admit to feeling somewhat … conflicted,” the Globe reported.

The reason?

Quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft have all expressed support for Mr. Trump, despite his divisive rhetoric.


The Washington Post declared: “Rooting for Tom Brady used to be easy. Until Donald Trump came along.”

Mr. Brady’s crime? Deciding not to take position on Mr. Trump, despite constant badgering from the sports press.

“If people want to take sides, you know, they can obviously do that,” Mr. Brady said this week, regarding Mr. Trump. “It’s everyone’s right. They have a right to do that. And I have a right to stay out of it, too.”

Not good enough, according to Luke O’Neil at The Post.

“When it comes to Trump, no one can be apolitical,” Mr. O’Neil wrote. “Brady’s nonchalant neutrality is itself a political statement, one that says he’s either too rich to worry about how Trump’s whirlwind of chaos will affect his life, or worse, too indifferent about the rapidly diminishing prospects of those who are not.”

Harsh. But Mr. O’Neil’s opinion has been echoed several times this week.

USA Today sportswriter Nancy Armour said Mr. Brady “had some explaining to do” regarding his thoughts on Mr. Trump, basically arguing that because Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the national anthem, and was subject to national criticism, Mr. Brady should be too — for his relationship with Mr. Trump.

This is backwards.

The expectations for our NFL athletes should be to throw touchdown passes and to run 40 yard dashes under 5 seconds— not to advocate for political positions.

Actors, athletes and comedians should stick to what they’re good at — entertainment. Politics shouldn’t have to be inserted in every aspect of our lives.

But, in today’s age, it seems to be.

So, have at it, Pats fans.

If you’re so fed up and would like to trade Mr. Brady to the Washington Redskins, we’ll take him. We’re used to being politically incorrect.

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