- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 9, 2017

An explosion occurred at a French nuclear power plant Thursday in Flamanville, but authorities say there was no “nuclear risk” or “foul play” involved, media reports said.

Five workers suffered from smoke inhalation from a fire in the plant’s machine room, but they didn’t require additional medical attention, said Olivier Marmion, a regional official, The Associated Press reported.

“Foul play was ruled out as a cause of the fire, with initial suspicions focusing on a possible electrical short-circuit,” AP quoted Mr. Marmion as saying.

The reactor, run by EDF Energy, was expected to be turned on 2018, although hundreds have protested against it, The Independent said.

“It is a significant technical event, but it is not a nuclear accident,” Mr. Marmion told local media, The Independent reported.

The EDF Flamanville nuclear plant is located near the port of Cherbourg and the Channel Islands, The Telegraph reported.



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