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My mind is open. I’m ready to be convinced.

But with editorial headlines in the New York Times reading: “As Trump denies climate change, these kids die,” I can’t even be persuaded to read the article.

Gone are the days where the left tried to reason with the right by acknowledging simple truths and honest, yet valid, disagreements. Instead, we get trumped-up narratives, disseminated by the mainstream media, which claim conservatives are racist, xenophobic misogynists who want to deny women health care and push your sick grandma off a cliff.

So is there any doubt why Republicans fought back with the nomination of president-elect Donald Trump?

Yes, his talk is laced with hyperbole and untruths, but he somehow he has been able to control the national narrative, in a way that no GOP member has been able to do before.

There’s a large swath of the conservative electorate that doesn’t like that Mr. Trump takes to Twitter to condemn his enemies, or aren’t thrilled with his off-the-cuff statements. But at least he’s up for the fight, and many of these same people believe the left can only be conquered with the same loudmouth name-calling that liberals have been shoveling at conservatives for years.

And it seems Democrats can deal it out, but can’t take it.

All you need for evidence is the intellectual hypocrisy that’s been revealed by progressives freaking out because of Mr. Trump’s nomination.

A baker can’t deny a gay couple a wedding cake, but it’s certainly OK for a Rockette to demand not to perform for the president-elect.

A reset with Russia is completely acceptable when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is at the helm, but is treason when Mr. Trump suggests it’s a possibility.

Admitting to not wanting to accept the election results before it’s certified is an assault against democracy when Mr. Trump suggests it, but OK when Jill Stein launches an unfounded assault against the voting results in three states after all votes have been cast and validated.

Meddling with the Electoral College? No, that doesn’t undermine our Republic. Just ask progressive organizations like MoveOn.org and celebrity sycophants who tried to bully Electoral College members into changing their vote.

There were reports from the floor of the House of Representatives last week that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi encouraged her members to rant and rave, protesting the certification of the our free and fair election, for the simple reason that Mr. Trump was the winner.

Yet all of that is perfectly reasonable.

So was the nuclear option — when Democrats held the majority. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he “regrets” the decision.

How convenient.

When President Obama entered the White House in 2009, his Cabinet picks were swiftly sworn into office by the Republican minority, with Democrats reminding conservatives in the Senate that their job was merely to “advise and consent.”

With Mr. Trump, there are eight Cabinet members in Mr. Schumer’s cross-hairs, where it’s reported the minority will aggressively try to reject or delay the president-elect’s choices.

For decades, Democrats criticized and questioned the intelligence communities’ role in imprisoning and interrogating terrorist suspects, but now they’re in lockstep with its findings that Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to sway the election toward Mr. Trump.

The CIA, for now, has become unassailable for Democrats.

The Russians — as recently as 2012 — were never thought to be threat to national security by the progressive left. Former GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney was laughed out of the room when he suggested Russia was our foremost geopolitical threat, with Mr. Obama telling him, “the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.”

Now, Russia meddling is on the masthead of every paper, nearly every day, touting the evil threats of our former adversary.

The lies of former Majority Leader Harry Reid were perfectly acceptable when they were targeted against Mr. Romney and his “unpaid” taxes — and the mainstream media ran with the story, without properly vetting it.

Now, with the mere suggestion by Mr. Trump that ball gowns are being sold out in D.C. for his inauguration, a fact-check needs to be made.

With Mr. Trump, the GOP is now fighting the left’s fire with fire — and they’re freaking out.

Is Meryl Streep an underrated actress? Nope. But she deserved to be put in her place. Mr. Trump did just that, and most importantly, we all know about it.

Instead of glowing headlines from the press about how “brave” Ms. Streep was for denigrating Mr. Trump in a room full of rich, Hillary Clinton supporters, some are now debating the merits of her sermon, and whether it was the right time and place.

Is that progress? For some on the right, who have been constantly beat down by the liberal mainstream media and being told by Democrats what’s politically correct in all aspects of their lives, it certainly feels like it.

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