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The election of Donald Trump has caused some deranged, lunatic behavior by the left. Will 2017 be the year the Democratic Party officially goes completely crazy and completely loses the trust of the American populous?

It looks as though they’re on this path. Just take a look at some of the headlines that have been produced this year — and we’re not even two weeks into it. The Democrats are on fire — and not in a good way.

1. BuzzFeed prints unverified, salacious, tawdry report on Mr. Trump

Acting as a propaganda arm to the Democratic Party, BuzzFeed printed an unverified opposition research document against Mr. Trump, packed full of untruths. The dossier had circled U.S. newsrooms for months, and none saw fit to publish in its entirety, not even leftist website Mother Jones.

That didn’t stop Hillary Clinton’s lackeys from promoting the report online.

“Today has brought a gush of reporting that outlets knew about and sat on prior to November 8,” Brian Fallon, Mrs. Clinton’s press secretary twitted on Tuesday night. Adding: “I repeat: certain media outlets were told this prior to November 8.”

2. MTV reporter makes racist remarks about Sen. Jeff Sessions’ biological granddaughter

Before Mr. Sessions’ attorney general confirmation hearing, intrepid MTV reporter Ira Madison III caught a shot of him, sitting with his half-Asian granddaughter on his lap, and promptly called her a prop.

“Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys “R” Us you stole her from,” Mr. Madison tweeted.

After being called out for the racist tweet — and being notified that the gorgeous little girl was Mr. Session’s granddaughter, Mr. Madison deleted it, but refused to apologize.

He defended himself saying conservatives have “long used Asian-Americans as ‘model minorities’ since the rise of the civil rights act,” and said his tweet doesn’t excuse Mr. Sessions “horrendous anti-black behavior” which should be the real focus of the day.

Not to be outdone, Xeni Jardin, an online journalist and activist tweeted during the hearing: “Jeff Sessions, like many of these cabinet picks, has resting rape face.”

Nope, not unhinged at all.

2. Code Pink members dress up as Klan members; rich money bags to harass Cabinet appointees

Progressive members of Code Pink dressed up as Klan members for Mr. Sessions’ confirmation hearing and tried to heckle him. I say tried, because it was a complete circus show that all of the sitting senators’ rightly ignored, and at times, tried not to laugh at.

At one point, a heckler was thrown of the gallery, shouting: “Do not vote for Jim Sessions!”

Got to give them credit for their passion, basic facts, not so much.

On Wednesday, during Rex Tillerson’s secretary of state confirmation hearing, a group of women were decked out wearing homemade pink crowns and boas, sequined dresses and shirts, and holding money-bags. I’m sure they won’t be disruptive.

3. Democrats protest Trump’s Electoral College certification, as Nancy Pelosi eggs them on

A half-dozen House members looked to disrupt the ceremonial task of Mr. Trump’s Electoral College certification. None of the members were able to get a senator to co-sign their objections (something needed to proceed), but continued to make a mockery of themselves and embarrass Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who oversaw the proceedings.

“It is over,” Mr. Biden finally said, after Rep. Pramila Jayapal stood up to give her objection, to which Republicans gave him a standing ovation.

According to Slate: “Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was sitting across the aisle from where the Democrats were protesting, and urged them to keep going; she applauded after one member raised the issue of Russian interference.”

Imagine, if Republican leadership ever attempted such a show.

4. Meryl Streep lectures; Barbra Streisand comes to her rescue

Ms. Streep used her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to lecture Mr. Trump and his supporters, and urged the press to double-down in its reporting of him. She painted herself — the upper 1 percent, Hollywood elite — as a victim, and thought it brave to attack a president-elect at a venue where most all agreed with her.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump defended himself and called her “overrated.”

That’s when Ms. Streisand entered the mix, saying she “completely agreed” with Ms. Streep and that the president-elect’s comments were “disgraceful.”

Like anyone in Middle America cares what these two have to say.

5. The creation of ‘p—-yhats’


According to The Washington Post on Tuesday: “Stunned by the election that made Donald Trump our nation’s next president, [Jayna] Zweiman, 38, an architectural designer, took a brief period to mourn before emerging Nov. 16 with a protest plan. She and a friend, Krista Suh, would rally an army: women in every corner of the country, joined in a single cause.

They couldn’t undo the election. But they could knit hats.

Hats in every shade of pink, from rose to flamingo to fuchsia, with bold, pointed cat ears. Each one as unique as a snowflake. This yarn-loving-squad’s goal is to turn out 1 million pink “p—-yhats’ by inauguration weekend and for those hats to become the visual marker for activists attending the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington. For the hats to become symbols of the struggle for women’s rights.”

What else, really needs to be said?

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