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A group of feminists has been removed as a sponsor of the Women’s March on Washington because it does not support abortion rights.

The march said on Monday it had severed ties with New Wave Feminists, a pro-life group that was previously listed as a sponsor of the demonstration protesting the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“The Women’s March platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one,” the march said in a statement. “We want to assure all of our partners, as well as participants, that we are pro-choice as clearly stated in our Unity Principles. We look forward to marching on behalf of individuals who share the view that women deserve the right to make their own reproductive decisions.”

“The anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington,” the statement continued. “We apologize for this error.”

A spokesperson for New Wave Feminists said the group still plans to attend the Jan. 21 march.

“It appears that the [Women’s March on Washington] only wants to include a ‘diverse’ array of women who think exactly like them,” Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa told LifeSiteNews. “That’s unfortunate, but we will not be deterred. On the 21st, we march.”

The pro-life stance of New Wave Feminists drew the ire of some feminists who said abortion rights are sacrosanct to the church of feminism.

“Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda,” feminist author Roxane Gay decreed in a tweet on Monday. “That’s not how it works!”

“We need to stop the myth that feminism is simply ‘anything a woman does,” feminist writer Jessica Valenti tweeted. “Feminism is a movement for justice — bortion access is central.”

The march is sponsored by several pro-choice advocates, including Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Pro-life organizations previously warned that the Women’s March was not about advancing women’s rights at all — just abortion rights.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said the abortion lobby is “hijacking” the march.

“To no one’s surprise, Planned Parenthood and their allies in Hollywood have overtaken the Women’s March on Washington, DC to push their radical abortion agenda, alienating women who adamantly believe in human rights for all humans, born and preborn, women’s rights, and equality,” Ms. Hawkins said in a statement.

“Telling women that they need abortion to succeed in life is the opposite of empowerment,” she continued. “It’s insulting, demeaning, and deceptive, and the attendees of the Women’s March shouldn’t be fooled. They are being used as props by the abortion industry, nothing more.”

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