- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It’s clear: According to liberal dogma, one can only be a feminist if they are pro-choice.

Organizers of the anti-Trump Women’s March, which include abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, were put into an uncomfortable position, when some pro-life groups wanted to join them.

According to a report in the Atlantic: “As many as a few hundred pro-lifers are planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington, which has been billed as feminist counterprogramming to the inauguration.”

The reason? These women were also put-off by Mr. Trump’s indecent comments toward women on the campaign trail.

“Many pro-life women felt just as outraged as pro-choice women about Donald Trump’s conduct and comments, including the revelation that he once bragged about groping women without their permission,” the Atlantic wrote.

In that vein a pro-life group New Wave Feminists, which is based in Texas, was briefly allowed to partner with the Women’s March on Washington…until intolerant leftists feminists voiced their outrage.

“Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda. That’s not how it works! The right to choose is a fundamental part of feminism,” feminist Roxane Gay wrote on Twitter.

“Horrified that the @womensmarch has partnered w/an anti-choice org. Plse reconsider- inclusivity is not about bolstering those who harm us,” feminist writer Jessica Valenti said on the social media site.

So basically “inclusivity” means ostracizing women who don’t subscribe to all of your values.

Organizers of the Women’s March were swift to change their “inclusivity” standards after the online outcry. Now, only women who support abortion will be allowed to attend, and New Wave Feminists has been booted from the March’s list of official sponsors.

“The Women’s March platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one. We want to assure all of our partners, as well as participants, that we are pro-choice as clearly stated in our Unity Principles…the anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington. We apologize for this error,” the Women’s March official statement read.

Apology not accepted.


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