- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Joe Scarborough, the “Morning Joe” co-host with the mostest hatred on President Donald Trump, is leaving the Republican Party.

Umm. You don’t say. But — was he ever really in it?

Scarborough made a stab at being conservative, once upon a time, back when he was a Republican member of Congress, back in the mid-1990s to 2001. And he’s certainly tried to claim Republican Party affiliation during his years as co-host of the widely watched MSNBC morning news show — a show that used to be noted for its wit and depth of punditry.

But lately, since the dawn of Trump particularly, Scarborough has shown little more than leftist skin. He’s done nothing in recent times but vilify Trump, name-call the president, condemn the White House, and poke fun and mock the first family. Basically, he’s served as a strong mouthpiece for the left.

His announced departure from the Republican Party is about as shocking as Sen. John McCain’s would be.

“You have to ask yourself,” Scarborough said, on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” alongside his “Morning Joe” sidekick, Mika Brzezinski, “what exactly is the Republican Party willing to do? How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?”

Colbert then reminded — hey, guy, aren’t you a Republican?

Scarborough’s reply: “I am a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican anymore. I’ve got to become an independent.”

And with that, the party’s shed one more Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

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