- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rep. Ted Deutch questioned Donald Trump Jr.’s actions on Thursday, saying he doesn’t know many other political figures who would have taken a meeting with a Russian representative.

“I would not have responded immediately agreeing to the meeting then reached out to the senior most members of my campaign to go have that meeting,” Mr. Deutch said on CNN. “If many of my colleagues had received an email like that there would be shock, there would be concern, there would certainly not be an immediate response that says, ‘I love it.’ “

But the Florida Democrat did say that Mr. Trump Jr. has confirmed previous reports of ties between the Trump campaign’s senior officials and the Russian government. Mr. Trump Jr. took a meeting with someone last summer who claimed to have ties to the Russian government and offered to share compromising information on Hillary Clinton. The meeting turned out to be about U.S.-Russia relations.

“They’ve confirmed the intel community’s conclusion that the highest levels of the Trump campaign were willing to have a meeting with Russian officials, told them that they had information that would help election Donald Trump, and their response was 1) we’ll take meeting 2) boy that’s great,” Mr. Deutch said.

“It raises a thousand more questions about the way the meetings with Russia transpired,” he said.



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