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Little Charlie Gard, whom I wrote about last week, received a temporary reprieve from his court-ordered death sentence when the judge decided last Friday to allow an American doctor who specializes in Charlie’s illness to travel to England this week to personally examine the child.

While the ruling is a positive step toward saving Charlie, if we miss the premise of how the courts obtained such power in the first place, then we are ignoring the evil reality of what life has become in Great Britain.

While we will rightly drop to our knees to thank God if the judge permanently reverses the child’s death order, we should remain horrified that a civilized nation like England has embraced a socialist health care system that turns patients into victims and parents into helpless bystanders.

The judges of Europe have no moral authority or right to be making the decision that Charlie should die. Charlie’s parents are desperately fighting for the life of their son, exercising the right and responsibility that God gives to parents — not to the government — to care for their children.

It used to be that the courts entered the realm of parental authority only when children were neglected or abused. That’s what is so incredibly frightening about the Charlie Gard story: The courts are subverting the parental authority of a mom and dad who are fighting to keep their child alive.

Stop and let that sink in for a moment.

Until the recent downward spiral of the culture of mankind, such actions were only seen in totalitarian states where evil madmen like Kim Jong-un, Deng Xiaoping or Adolf Hitler reign. Now we’re seeing the nearly complete government takeover of the people in a place considered to be part of the free world.

The loss of personal rights has been subtle, generally lacking the stuff that headlines are made of. There are no police breaking down doors to drag people away, no tanks mowing down protesters and no swastikas on soldiers.

Yet the quickly expanding government takeover in such a genteel place as England is now on full display. And the American media are choosing to ignore the complete story of what happens when the government becomes a god.

The manner in which parental rights have been obliterated in the case of Charlie Gard is both stunning and largely missing from reports. For instance, very few news outlets have reported that the court earlier had assigned a legal guardian for Charlie. That’s right: Although Charlie has both a loving mom and a dad who are unified in fighting for his life, the god-court designated that someone else should be his legal guardian.

On Friday, after much debate, the god-judge “generously” granted only the mother the “right” to be part of the discussion between the doctors, caregivers and guardian this week. The court also designated an anonymous person to “chair” those discussions.

May God have mercy on a culture whose authorities have arrogantly assumed the power to “forbid” or “permit” loving parents to make decisions that may save the life of their son.

In a culture where thousands of churches stand empty or converted into shops and offices, the government becoming a god is the natural result of a citizenry who has forgotten THE God and his moral absolutes.

And as the people forgot that it is God who gives freedom, they also abdicated personal responsibility and demanded “free” education, “free” health care and guaranteed wages. They are now beginning to see that the old proverb is true: “The government that can do everything for you can do anything to you.”

England’s very real “death panel,” which will decide if Charlie receives treatment or if he has an obligation to die, and Great Britain’s reduction of parental rights to nothing more than “interested parties” should put Americans on notice: Unless our own nation experiences both a spiritual revival and a resurrection of personal responsibility, England’s fate will become our own.

Yes, we will rightly celebrate and declare victory if the panel of gods allows Charlie to live.

But the sobering reality is that England’s future holds an endless stream of victims like Charlie Gard — and of parents who have been stripped of their intrinsic rights. This is what happens in a culture when government becomes a god.

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