- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The left’s Robert Reich has introduced to the public a handy-dandy 10-step primer to impeach President Donald Trump.

Again, with the lunacy. The left just can’t help itself. Hatred is all-consuming, as they say.

“It won’t be easy to impeach Donald Trump,” Reich wrote, originally at RobertReich.org.

Reich formerly served in Jimmy Carter’s administration — hardly a surprise — as well as with Gerald Ford’s and Bill Clinton’s. He’s got a long history of pushing a progressive-minded agenda, in other words.

His latest campaign, and it started months ago, is to impeach Trump at all costs. And now, he’s narrowed the act to 10 steps, all of which revolve around of Article 1, Section 2 and Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution.

Just in case.

Or, as he put it: “It may come in handy.”


“Step 1,” Reich wrote. “It starts in the House Judiciary Committee, when a majority of the member vote in favor of what’s called an ‘inquiry of impeachment’ resolution.”

Of course, a pragmatic person would quickly note that the resolution dies there, given the Republican majority in the House and on the committee and the fact that even the most anti-Trump-type GOPer isn’t going to put his or her political career on the chopping block to support impeachment against the president.

The crazy train moves fast, though. No stopping her now.

“Step 2,” he continued. “That resolution goes to the full House of Representatives where a majority has to vote in favor. And then votes to authorize and fund a full investigation by the Judiciary Committee into whether sufficient grounds exist for impeachment.”

Here, let’s just save some time and cut through the red tape — there isn’t ground, never mind grounds.

Even if there was a Democratic majority, giving the resolution some wings to fly, there isn’t any ground to impeach. You need a crime — an impeachable offense.

The rest of Reich’s steps walk through the House Judiciary Committee’s pursuit of a crime — how members can investigate to find something impeachable — and then the subsequent full House’s consideration of the same. Enter the Senate and voila, Trump is summoned to give account, a trial is launched, a closed session for deliberation is held, and an open vote for impeachment is taken.

“So there you have it,” Reich wrapped, “the 10 steps that must all take place to impeach the president.”

Or, another way to look at it: the 10 stages of liberal delusion.



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