- The Washington Times - Monday, July 24, 2017

Easy there, congressman.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the guy whom illegals love, denounced President Donald Trump for immigration controls — and then some.

Read his remarks. This is why the left has the reputation for being deranged.

“For me,” Gutierrez said, during remarks at Chicago’s Lincoln United Methodist Church, noted by Breitbart, “the major criminal that exists in the United States of America is called Donald Trump — he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House.”

Gutierrez was speaking in context of the fate of illegals in America, who were sheltered under Barack Obama but who are now at risk of deportation under Trump.

It’s reminiscent of the biblical time Pilate asked the crowd to choose between Jesus or Barabbas. Illegal-loving Gutierrez would’ve chosen the thief, as well.

He went on: “And we’re going to take actions today, and we’re going to take actions tomorrow. And there will soon be a majority in the House of Representatives, and I am going to make sure that I am there, to make sure of one thing, that we write those articles of impeachment and take him to trial before the Senate and eliminate him as president of the United States of America.”

Can anyone say crime?

‘Cause not to intrude on the fantasy — but Trump’s not yet committed any crime worthy of impeachment.

Oh well, Gutierrez was on a roll, as they say.

Apparently, he cited Gandhi and then — and this is pretty interesting — claimed that he personally would “not allow Donald Trump and all of his cronies that he surrounds himself with from Wall Street … to determine the future of 1.2 million people.”

In other words: Gutierrez is vowing to become the one-man savior of 1.2 million illegals. It’s Gutierrez versus The President — and Gutierrez, in his mind, has already won.

“You want to know what a criminal is?” he thundered. “Someone who takes health care away from 33 million people … somebody who puts in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency someone who takes their orders from polluters … someone who uses his executive authority to turn away people fleeing devastation … have you seen the children? … have you seen the faces of those fleeing Syria?”

He referenced the Black Lives Matter movement as his motivation.

“They paved the way,” he said, “and we can do that and we can do so much more.”

He called for “peaceful” resistance to Trump’s immigration controls — but then called for occupation in the streets and offices of government. Go figure. Only in a far leftist’s mind do the two jibe.

“I’m ready to occupy whatever it is you have to occupy,” he said. “Whether it’s an office, whether it’s a building, whether it’s a street — but we will do what we need to do in order to make our case resoundingly clear to the American public. … Get ready, our movement is coming to somewhere in your neighborhood.”

That’s quite a threat. Particularly when the inspiration is the violent Black Lives Matter movement.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the left is considered lunatic.

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