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RICHMOND – Su’a Cravens is a man of many talents. He can play safety and linebacker, attack against the run or stick with tight ends of much greater size in space. On the internet, Twitter in particular, and with some of his teammates, Cravens is dedicated to another pursuit: defender of LeBron James.

Craven’s Twitter feed is so LeBron-centric that you might mistake it for First Take.

“Man, LeBron James is not even my favorite player,” Cravens said with faux-exasperation, explaining why he takes it upon himself so often to laud or defend James’ accomplishments. “James Harden is my favorite player after D-Wade retires. I just don’t like how people hate so much. How can you? You hate. It’s like you’re blind watching him. You want him to fail which is why I cheer louder because I know it makes people mad. If you’re going to put that much energy into hating on somebody that doesn’t even know you, I’m going to make sure I get on your nerves a little bit because that’s just a pet peeve of mine.”

It’s true that King James’ place in the pantheon of basketball legends is the subject of much debate. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward has an uncanny ability to divide for a player whose only ‘scandal’ basically just boiled down to free agency. Heck, he’s Skip Bayless’ raison d’être.

Cravens isn’t a Cavs fan. He just knows that Tweeting about LeBron gets a rise out of people.

“LeBron’s the hot topic,” Cravens said. “If I say Tristan Thompson nobody’s going to be like “Oh.” What are they going to say? Something about the Kardashians? Like, it’s not even basketball related. When I talk about LeBron I know the kind of responses I’m going to get.”

This includes responses from his teammates. Linebacker Mason Foster, for instance, is a Golden State Warriors fan and a dedicated Kevin Durant fan. Foster saw Durant’s final game with the Seattle SuperSonics in person at the end of Durant’s rookie year in 2007-08. Foster also considers himself a fan of LeBron, but thinks Cravens goes a little too far heaping on the praise.

“Yeah,” Foster said. “Jesus. I can’t believe it. See, Su’a, that’s what it is, he’s a younger guy, you know what I mean. What is he, 22? [Yes.] So that’s his guy. Look, I’m a big fan of LeBron too, but not like that. I can’t, I’m still realistic. That was his problem.”

Foster thinks that if Cravens is going to take it upon himself to stick up for LeBron, who is really only ever an NBA heel because of “The Decision,” then he should have to stick up for KD’s decision to join Golden State, too.

(That was in response to Foster, who tweeted: “I would pull up & watch the game at @Sua_Cravens house & live tweet his reactions but his crazy [explitive] dog tried to attack me last time smh”.)

“You can’t say something about KD and then be saying defending LeBron all the time, that’s all I’m saying,” Foster said.

“I feel like he can defend LeBron, because I would defend LeBron. But he cannot defend LeBron and then talk about KD like KD is somebody - that was the whole thing. And I’m a, I grew up a Warriors fan so I kind of took it a little personal because I wanted the Warriors to win so they lost it the year before so I wanted to see them win it, they got KD, and people didn’t like that. But it’s like, when LeBron did it it was all good.”

“But I mean that’s my little brother, I love him to death. We joke and argue and debate about everything so that’s just me and him.”

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