- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Twitter rolled out mostly cosmetic changes to its platform on Thursday, but many users took to the social media service to grouse about the persistent lack of an editing function.

As it stands now, if you tweet something with say a typo or other embarrassing error, you have to delete it and start from scratch, a particularly annoying bug, particularly if your tweet has already been retweeted or commented on by other users. 

“I wonder how much time @Twitter spent on this new UI that they could’ve used to add an “Edit Tweet” feature… smh” tweeted user @ZeroBiotic.

“(All we want to do is save gifs and edit tweets! Stop doing all this extra mess, @Twitter!),” wrote another user.

Some users, however, worried that an edit feature would help offensive posters to whitewash their hateful messages.

“The con of twitter adding an edit button, is that somebody can change their racist,homophobic,etc tweet into something else,” said user @KrypticKarla. “unpopular opinion ahoy but i don’t want an edit button for twitter. i don’t want [expletive] having the ability to erase their words,” said another user.

Other opponents of the edit feature just said it would simply change the essence of the platform. “Edit option will kill the fun this platform gives. I don’t want that,” wrote @PothaSays.

Facebook has long allowed for editing comments on posts and tags altered comments with the label “edited.” Clicking on that tag pulls up a window for readers to see the revision history of edited posts.

In December, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey suggested such a scheme for editing tweets coupled with an accessible edit history would technically be possible for the platform, according to the technology-news service tech2.

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