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Evergreen State College, the Olympia, Washington, supposed place of higher learning that’s been turned into little more than a playground for radical leftist activists — and that’s been in national news of late for a brouhaha over black students’ demands for whites to leave campus for a day — has been temporarily shut, after receiving a threat phoned in to law enforcement.

Probably the best thing that’s happened to the school for a long time.

“College closing immediately,” the school posted to its 4,500 or so students. “In response to a direct threat to campus safety, the college is closing immediately for the day. All are asked to leave campus or return to residence halls for instruction.”

Again, maybe this is a gift.

Seriously: Here’s a college that’s been in the news this past week for a student-fueled demand — make that, black and minority student-fueled racist demand — for all the white people to pack bags and go, for a day, in honor of what’s been so ridiculously termed the “day of absence.” Apparently, the “day of absence” is a tradition at the school — make that, black and minority student-fueled racist tradition — that masks the tossing out of one race, Caucasians, so another, blacks, can talk amongst themselves about all the contributions they’ve made to society, absent any whiteys lurking about and listening. The tradition’s been in play since the 1970s, The Washington Post reported.

Well, this year was a bit of a game-changer because one of the white professors, Bret Weinstein, dared to take a stand in opposition.

“On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color,” Weinstein wrote in a letter to “day of absence” organizers, explaining why he just wasn’t gonna leave.

Black students rebelled, stormed his office, called him a racist — apparently, refusing to take part in a racist event automatically brands one as racist — and demanded he resign.

And from there, things got really interesting. These students then protested to the college president — a remarkably low-level IQ affair that was caught on video and saw the students engaged in things like screaming obscenities, chanting while dancing, and ultimately, tossing the slavery card to justify why all the whites needed to exit campus, stage right.

The students, apparently realizing their video had made massive waves on YouTube, then demanded the college president take it down — yes, from the entire world of social media, where it had been making round after round after round.

Such logic is perhaps to be expected. This is a student body, after all, that’s been raging against the white machine for some time. In January, for instance, students grabbed a microphone from administrators during a ceremony to introduce the new police chief and screamed and chanted, “F- cops!”

So the latest in this tale of higher education tragedy? A threat phoned in is hardly a shocker. The school’s been living one step from violence for some time.

Shutting the school may in fact give the breather that’s needed for many in the student body to take an introspective break and ask themselves the core question: Why am I here in the first place?

If the answer’s not “to receive an education,” to “study and learn,” to “get training for a career,” or something akin to those worthy pursuits — if it’s more akin to learning how to agitate and activate for personal agenda — then perhaps it’s time to go. Perhaps this short break will give students and staffers a much-needed chance to clear the riffraff so those who return can indeed get their money’s worth and receive a true college education.

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