- The Washington Times - Friday, June 2, 2017

Rep. Keith Ellison evaded questions Friday about the bankruptcy of the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

“Hillary Clinton is a wonderful American. I think she’s a wonderful person that served this country — so I’m not looking back. I’m looking forward,” Mr. Ellison, Minnesota Democrat, said on MSNBC. “We can’t re-litigate the past.”

The deputy chairman of the Democratic Party did say his group is looking forward toward 2018 and is trying to focus more on the state and local levels where they have lost tremendous ground since former President Barack Obama was first elected.

“There is a new spirit running through the Democratic Party,”Mr. Ellison said. “We’re coming out strong. We’re knocking every door. We’re a ‘coast to coast and everyone in between’ party. We’re involved in all these things. Where as before we might have been too focused on the presidential every four years, now we fight these things every single day and everywhere so that is a new way of moving forward and it’s winning politics.”



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