- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 22, 2017

On the scale of lows, there’s Rep. Anthony Weiner, who couldn’t quite quit his sexting habit; there are the many Secret Service agents who couldn’t quite quit their paying-prostitutes habits; there’s Bill Clinton, who couldn’t quite quit his womanizing habits.

And now, there’s the CIA — with contractors, apparently, who couldn’t quite quit the thieving. Of candy bars, no less.

Yes, indeed. Some of the country’s brightest and best when it comes to intel and spy game stuff were caught on camera tapping into vending machines and stealing snacks.

BuzzFeed News, following receipt of Freedom of Information Act documents, first reported the dastardly deeds, explaining how the agency was just forced to fire several contractors after finding they had stolen $3,314 worth of vending snacks over the span of several months in late 2012 and early 2013.

The CIA, acting on what must have been a tip, installed cameras by the vending machines and discovered, much to their red-faced chagrin, their own contracted people rigging the electronic payment system and using dummy cards for the “FreedomPay” process that were devoid of funds.

What genius.

And now the Department of Justice has been notified to look into the matter.

But really, it’s scandals like this that lead a good American to wonder: What’s going on with U.S. intel?

Is this more evidence of the Deep State shenanigans at work?

Apparently, there was a lone mastermind with “knowledge of computer networks,” investigators said. And he’s also apparently admitted his crime, explaining to officials that he first tested the vending hack, and then shared it with colleagues.

But seriously, doesn’t intel have anything better to do than waste its time and resources — taxpayer resources — on hacking into vending machines for some free snackage? After all, according to Democrats, Russians came on strong in the 2016 elections to upset the presidential outcome by whatever electronic hacking means available.

Perhaps now we know why. With a CIA like this, Russia barely has to try.

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