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Hosts and pundits of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC traveled back in time to Nazi Germany days to make the case President Trump is much more like a dictator or fascist than a free-market, constitutional, duly elected leader.

It’s sickening — for Jewish people, particularly — that the left has such a penchant for tossing about Adolf Hitler’s name in so light a fashion. Note to left: Hitler was evil. Quit confusing evil with political differences.

Here’s a taste of what was said, during discussion of Trump’s Iowa speech and the cheering crowd’s reaction: “Even now, in regimes like North Korea, where the dear leader speaks and we’re all supposed to salute, that what the dear leader says has to be followed, whether it’s associated with reality or not, whether it’s grounded in reality or not,” said guest and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham while comparing Trump’s speech to, first, Richard Nixon during Watergate times and, second, to Nazi Germany or fascist Italy.

But that’s just one taste. Here’s another.

“It’s a cult of the state,” Meacham went on. “The point of the United States was that we all had the ability to look at reality, make our own decisions and participate in a collective enterprise to govern ourselves.”

Wow. You know the left has gone off the deep end when its talking heads start discussing self-governance — as if they knew the topic and liked it.

Not to be outdone, co-host Mika Brzenzinski weighed in with equally breathless panic.

“To me, [this] is extremely disturbing and potentially catastrophic,” she said, as Raw Story noted. “Am I overstating this?”

Why yes, Mika. Yes, quite a bit, in fact. Remember Tingles — also known as Chris Matthews, the supposed fair and balanced television commentator who said he “felt this thrill going up my leg” as Barack Obama spoke back in 2008?

Or, how about the fawning media’s and adoring political fans’ widely touted and shouted comparisons of Obama to Jesus?

Now, those are clear examples of over the top — of “disturbing” and “potentially catastrophic” political adoration, indicative even of a “dear leader”-type atmosphere.

But applauding Trump?

To most, it’s applause. But to the left? It’s crazed, frenzied craziness, rooted in crazy lies feeding off crazy deceptions.

“You have a series of falsehoods peddled at these rallies, and then you combine it with what is objectively a crackdown on the press corps, what’s happening at the White House right now, where you don’t have live briefings, you don’t have audio or video coming from the briefings,” said Sam Stein, senior politics editor for Huffington Post.

And voila. The result is a fascist Trump, adored by a fascist loving public — according to Stein.

The fact Stein was on “Morning Joe” to deliver what was being sold by the show hosts as serious commentary about Trump’s speech was a joke in itself. Stein’s employer, HuffPost, for all those with memories, is the same place that added an editor’s note to each and every Trump-tied story calling him out as a misogynist, racist and xenophobe — and that was after insisting all Trump stories be filed under Entertainment news, rather than Political.

In November, while announcing the end of its slanted editors’ note on all stories Trump, the HuffPost wrote: “Whether we like it or not — and let’s continue to be honest, we don’t — [Trump] won the election.”

No bias there, right?

Yet this is the news organization “Morning Joe” turns to for insightful and, ostensibly, honest and fact-based commentary about Trump.

Hmm. Methinks painting Trump as the Hitler of modern day politics might be a bit, as Mika might say, disturbing. What’s more, dropping the H-bomb doesn’t really do much toward advancing the idea of a sane and sensible Democratic Party. If anything, it just showcases all the more how out of touch the left is with mainstream America — and how loon-like many in the media have become.

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