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Two weeks ago, a deranged gunman, nourished on leftist hate and rage against conservatives, went to a baseball field with the intent of assassinating Republican congressmen.

That same morning, this column was unfortunately prescient in focusing on the imagery of violence against President Trump, and how “the liberal loathing of the president has entered the realm of lethal fantasies.” A few hours later, it shifted from fantasies to reality.

Armed with two firearms, he entered the field firing off at least 50 shots before two heroes from House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s security detail shot the attempted assassin dead. Mr. Scalise, former congressional aide Matt Mika, the two Capitol Hill police, and a staff member of Rep. Roger Williams, were wounded.

By God’s grace and the genius of medical teams, Mr. Scalise had gone from critical, to serious and exactly a week later, was upgraded to fair condition. Mr. Mika who had been shot several times, was released from the hospital this past Friday.

But if you had gone out of town prior to that awful June 14 morning and unplugged to get away from it all and returned a week later, you would never know it happened. If you turned on broadcast evening news or looked at the Google News page to catch up, you would be unaware that an attempted assassination of so many Republicans ever occurred.

Six days after the assault, Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, and his team reported on the media’s attempted disappearance of the atrocity. In addition to coverage at the online magazine, Mr. Davis tweeted these facts, with screenshots of the media outlets to which he referred: “Six days after [Gabrielle] Giffords was shot, CNN had 8 stories above the fold about the shooting. Today? Not a single story on last week’s massacre.” And this: “Now compare The Washington Post six days post-Giffords (Giffords was #1 topic) to The Washington Post today: zero stories on the shooting,” and “The number one news topic on Washington Post’s website 6 days post-Giffords? Giffords. Six days post-Alexandria? Phoenix is hot in June.”

The Federalist reported, “More use of the Wayback Machine shows the same trend for The New York Times’ website front page. One week after the attack on Giffords, five stories front-page. One week after the attack on Scalise, ‘what to cook this week’ and how to get jobs for the wives of jihadis. Nothing on Scalise. Not even on gun control.”

But this isn’t surprising, it’s typical for liberals. Democrats and their weasels in media have perfected the art of denial and lies. During Barack Obama’s eight years as president, obfuscating was standard operating procedure when facing facts was bad news for Democrats and reality exposed them for the frauds that they are.

ISIS? A JV team. Benghazi? A YouTube video. Obamacare? You can keep your plan, doctor and hospital. The IRS? Not even a smidgen of corruption. The economy? Shovel-ready jobs and summers of recovery.

But it’s not just the media that’s decided to pay no mind to the attempted massacre of Republicans by a volunteer for Sen. Bernie Sanders and fan of TV host Rachel Maddow. Mr. Obama is demonstrating for all of his fans that ignoring it is the way to go.

The newly former president is a man who oversaw a Democratic domestic agenda reliant on dividing Americans against each other and the demonizing of Republicans as reprobate sexists, racists and homophones. His international agenda involved empowering this nation’s enemies and marginalizing our friends, and whispering to the Russians that he’d have “more flexibility” after his re-election.

That same man has decided to say nothing publicly about attempted mass murder of congressional members.

Instead, Mr. Obama called Sen. Jeff Flake who was also at the baseball diamond but was fortunately unhurt. Politico did a whole story on how the former president “reached out” to Mr. Flake but did so “as a friend.” Oh, he also told Mr. Flake to tell everyone else he was sending them prayers and wishes.

So, Barack Obama, who is never at a loss for words and has spoken up many times in the past few months here at home and abroad against the current president and the Republican agenda, calls up the one guy he likes personally who survived a massacre. Everyone else? Meh.

Even more shocking is the fact that Mr. Obama has said nothing publicly about the violence. For a man who was supposedly so committed against gun violence, as an example, it’s bizarre the one time he grows silent is when the victims are people he apparently doesn’t like.

Not only has Mr. Obama not condemned the violence, he hasn’t issued any kind of a plea to liberals and liberal leadership to tone down the hate and rage against Mr. Trump and the Republicans.

Is the great orator just too busy vacationing, or is Mr. Obama’s refusal to publicly condemn a mass assassination attempt a message in itself? If so, we should all be alarmed.

• Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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