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A rally in Portland, Oregon, aimed at showing support for President Donald Trump — and for free speech — turned nasty and violent after the anti-crowd turned out in full force, carting weapons, bent on creating chaos.

And let the media spin begin. The Washington Post kicked it off this way, with a blaring headline that read: “Right-wing free speech rally draws massive counterprotests in Portland.”

Can a person praise freedom these days without being labeled a right-winger?

The rally, organized by a group called Patriot Prayer, was initially a call to conservatives to come on down to City Hall and show “it’s OK to be a conservative in Portland,” said spokesman Joey Gibson, to Fox News.

But apparently — not.

The group of hundreds carrying banners and chanting “USA” was met by a similarly sized gaggle of counter-protesters. And their messages?

“Black lives matter,” Fox News reported.

“Go home, fascists,” read the signs of others.

And they carried the likes of bricks, brass knuckles and at least one homemade slingshot, in order to make sure their messages were heard.

Yes, some of these pro-Trump rallies have brought out the neo-Nazi types and crazies. But they’re quickly denounced by the peaceful Trump supporters — the patriotic Americans who simply want to show support for a president who has been vilified every step of his White House way by a left who simply hates a bold Republican holding the high office.

Can the left say the same?

No. The left is truly the sponsor of such thuggishness — and the organizer. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just kicked off her Democrats’ nationwide “Summer of Resistance,” telling a Dallas crowd that it was the job of her party to stop all-things-Trump, all-things-Republican.

“This Resistance Summer is very important,” Pelosi said at the event, the Washington Examiner reported.

But such is the left — the “go home, fascists,” sign-carrying left, which is so blinded by hate for Trump and the Republicans that it doesn’t even notice its own hypocritical messages.

The right rallies for freedom. The left protests against it — masking their actions, all the time, as for it. And they don’t see the hypocrisy of using brass knuckles to enforce their skewed concepts of freedom.

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