- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Los Angeles Times editorial board is set to release a book on America’s birthday that bashes her current president.

Teaming up with Berkeley, Calif.-based nonprofit publisher Heyday, “Our Dishonest President” will be released in both print and digital formats on July 4, the publishing company said in a news release. A company official confirmed there are no plans, however, for an audiobook version.

Clocking in at a little over 100 pages, the book re-publishes six editorials by the newspaper’s editorial board and is prefaced by an introduction co-written by L.A. Times editor-in-chief and publisher Davan Maharaj and Nicholas Goldberg, the Times’s editorial page editor.

“The United States is in the hands of a president whose character and temperament are dangerous, and our editorials lay out clearly why we took a stand on this,” said Mr. Goldberg. “Given the turbulent pace of the news cycle, we welcomed the suggestion that we publish the Trump editorials in book form, so they can be read and reflected on as a whole.”

Mariko Conner, a publicist for Heyday, tells the Washington Times that the project came about after Heyday’s publisher and executive director, Steve Wasserman, approached the newspaper with the idea. “Wasserman is the former books editor for the LAT, so this was a very natural fit,” Ms. Conner told the Times in an email.

A non-profit publisher, Heyday described itself its mission in the news release as promoting “civic engagement and social justice, and celebrat[ing] California’s natural beauty.”

“Through books, public events, and outreach programs, Heyday works to give voice to the voiceless and realize the California dream of diversity and enfranchisement.”

Ms. Conner tells the Times that if the book project realizes a profit, the publisher will use the proceeds “to finance subsequent printings and to support our general publishing program.”



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