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Please, God, make it stop. Eight years of Bill Clinton. Two White House tries of Hillary Clinton. Four more years of Hillary at State. And now their child, Chelsea, seems to be positioning herself for some kind of political run, too?

No, no, no, no, no.

Chelsea is being talked about as the candidate to run for Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gellibrand’s seat, if that senator decides to run for the White House in 2020. Chelsea’s also being talked about as the possible replacement for Rep. Nita Lowey, another New York Dem, who’s getting up in years and may soon retire from public service, after her 2016 term ends.

At first, the younger Clinton’s foray into politics was all talk — all wishful thinking on the part of the left. But Chelsea herself has now fueled that speculation.

And Democratic ears, the nation over, are perking.

Check out Chelsea’s Twiiter feed of late. In short, she’s doing her fair share of carrying the anti-President Donald Trump load.

On a tweet from Global Development, that called the “Trump travel ban devastating for Somali refugees,” Chelsea retweeted: “Can you imagine going through rigorous screening for years & then effectively being told you & your children aren’t wanted? I can’t.”

When Girl Guides of Canada announced it was canceling its trip to the United States in reaction to Trump’s travel ban — saying “we really wanted to make sure that no girl gets left behind” at the border, and turned away — Chelsea retweeted a story about the development, along with this remark: “Depressing if understandable.”

When CNN reported “Spicer says Trump didn’t mean wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping — he ‘used the word wiretaps in quotes,’ ” Chelsea tweeted the story and scolded: “Is the lesson that we should put in ‘quotes’ things we don’t mean? Rather than what we say (and mean)? Asking for … the world.”

But there’s more, much more. She’s tweeted just this week about Obamacare and the battle facing House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, about women’s rights — several on that score, all of them heavy on the idea that women need help achieving equality with men — and on Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was in the news lately for comments favorable about Dutch Party of Freedom leader Geert Wilders and the need to protect borders.

Chelsea also suggested a penchant for global government — hardly a surprise, but something to keep in political minds.

“Bacteria & viruses don’t recognize national borders,” she wrote, alongside a tweeted story from GlobalHealthGovernance.org about diseases carried by pests. “Fighting outbreaks requires global cooperation.”

The interest is there. There’s no question the money is there.

“She’s never denied that she has an interest in running for office, and that leads me to believe that one day she will,” said a former aide to Hillary, in The Hill. “And she’d probably be successful.”

And if she does run?

If Bill was moderate, Hillary progressive, Chelsea will prove progressive on steroids. Get ready for the radical feminist agenda to come out in full force — a far-left vision that’ll come right from U.N. gender equality talking points. And the smart money is on her running. She may be busy now juggling the duties of two small children with vice chair responsibilities at the Clinton Foundation. But nannies come cheap, and the foundation can find another soul. Chelsea’s star shines brightly for politics, and for a nation that already suffered much under progressive-slash-socialist Barack Obama, her young blood and family name don’t bode well for America, circa — and here’s the prediction — 2020 or so.

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