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Watching White House press secretary Sean Spicer get verbally attacked at an Apple store by an unhinged activist was bizarre, but not entirely surprising as the left continues its meltdown over being rejected by the American people. It also may not have been a coincidence, but another organized effort to intimidate not just their target, but anyone else who does not pay allegiance to the leftist agenda.

My initial response was, while disturbing, it was also a terrific reminder for both Republicans and Democrats about why Donald Trump is president: We have grown tired of lectures, attacks and threats delivered by people who do not have our best interests in mind. We also refuse to allow this country to be destroyed by people who scream from the highest mountain (or at a stranger in an Apple store) how they are superior by condemning and bullying the “others.”

Proudly streaming her harassment on Periscope, she spewed at Mr. Spicer a variety of insults: “Have you helped with the Russia stuff?” “Have you committed treason, too?” “You know you work for a fascist, right?” And, “Do you feel good about lying to the American people?”

The troll in question, all aflush with her success at being a bully, then confessed in a blog article that her career as a jerk also includes “organizing” against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Free Beacon reported that the troll “has made harassing members of the administration a regular thing. She claims to have been the organizer of the protest that stopped DeVos from visiting the Jefferson Middle School Academy after she was confirmed by the Senate. ‘I was devastated by the election but I have channeled my anxiety, sadness, and anger into action,’ [she] wrote in a Medium piece to capitalize on the attention her video of Mr. Spicer was getting. ‘I have explained how dire the situation is to my closest friends and family, and I also organized that Betsy DeVos blockade at a local D.C. school with families and community partners.’ “

Even stalwart liberals understand the problem with this bizarre nonsense of physically impeding and attacking people with whom you disagree politically.

“Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.), who has been a major opponent to the administration’s cabinet nominees, said that Mrs. DeVos ‘should be able to do her job,’ ” the Free Beacon reported.

“Arne Duncan, who was the education secretary in the Obama administration, said that this was the wrong way to oppose Mrs. DeVos. ‘Agree or disagree w @BetsyDeVos on any issue, but let’s all agree she really needs to be in public schools,’ Duncan wrote on Twitter. ‘Please let her in,’ ” the news site noted.

These episodes should make it clear that public members of this administration should all have Secret Service protection, paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

Despite liberal leadership efforts to keep the real nature of their activist base underground, their creation of ignorant bullies highlights why they still have no clue why voters have stripped them of power not just in Washington, but also in statehouses across the country.

Americans love political activism and involvement in the process. What we find repulsive are tantrum-throwing bullies attempting to threaten their opponents into fear-based silence.

In the same week that Mr. Spicer was attacked, a man vandalized Trump Tower by throwing eggs at the facade. How someone managed to throw multiple projectiles at a building protected by the New York Police Department and the Secret Service is still unknown. They eventually subdued the man.

In another incident in Los Angeles, vandals destroyed a portion of the grass at a Trump golf course.

Even a casual observer would find surprising the aggressive and sometimes criminal behavior of liberals and leftists since Mr. Trump was elected. Consider these bullies hail from the same crowd that for years has been baying for “safe spaces,” puppies and kittens during midterms, and an end to “triggers” that disturb their personal sense of well-being.

Various recent headlines include: “University Removes Scale From Gym After ‘Triggering’ Students”; “Students add trigger warnings to posts on Pokemon GO, U.S. Constitution, ‘white men’ “; “UPenn Created a Post-Election Safe Space Complete with Puppies and Coloring Books”; and “Safe spaces ‘critical’ to student success, college prez says.”

On the surface this contradiction of bullies and thugs demanding “safe spaces” for themselves makes all the sense in the world. Historically the left is always reduced to one basic strategy — silence the critics. Here this is being attempted by insisting they are so vulnerable, critics must be removed and silenced lest the victims suffer harm, and on the other hand, for those less inclined to treat adults like infants, threats and intimidation are relied upon.

Now out of power and rejected by the American people, and because they have no Plan B, the left, within which we now include the Democratic Party (now being run by two radical leftists, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison) is in overdrive on both fronts. In other words, they’re doubling-down on exactly why Americans kicked them to the curb in the first place.

• Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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