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President Donald Trump, reacting to the Wednesday terror attack in London by the Houses of Parliament, called it “big news,” but withheld further comment, pending more information.

And the information we’re all waiting — albeit quietly, because it’s not politically correct to bring it up openly and bluntly — is simply this: Is this another case of Islamic terrorism?

Is the suspect, or suspects, Muslim?

It’s the elephant in the room — the big question we’re all supposed to pretend not to want answered.

Authorities, after all, have labeled the attack “terror,” and that should be good enough. Right?

Only it’s not.

Officials in London, responding to the deaths and “catastrophic injuries,” as one doctor on scene put it, have to their credit quickly termed the attack a terror strike.

But of what kind?



Or just the generic kind — the kind Barack Obama and his ilk would have believed that’s done by crazed criminals, angry at their joblessness and frustrated by climate change?

Hmm, it’s a puzzler, all right.

Photographs of the suspect — or one of the suspects — captured by the Daily Star and posted to its news website, show a dark-skinned man tied to a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance. Various media report he was shot by police as he approached an officer, eight-inch knife in hand.

Witnesses at the scene, meanwhile, described the suspected attacker as a middle-aged black man, or Asian. But Asian is a term that’s been oft-used by liberal leaning entities in Europe to describe those of Middle Eastern or African ethnicities — of Muslim faith.

Police aren’t releasing the suspect’s name, either. And maybe they don’t know; maybe they’ve not yet identified him.

But maybe they have identified him, privately. Internally. And maybe they’re purposely shying from releasing the name because of the outrage it would generate — outrage that comes from realization that once again, what we have here is another case of Islamic-fueled terror.

Outrage that comes from the growing sensation: it is the religion, stupid.

Hard to say at this point — this early afternoon, Eastern Time afternoon — what officials know and what they don’t know.

One thing’s for sure, though. Police and politicians may tread lightly, pretending the religious beliefs of the terror suspect are incidental — that the real cause of the chaos and attack is mental health, or unemployment, or political dissension.

But the rest of the world knows better. The rest of the world knows that when it comes to terror, and radical Islam, the two often — very, very often — go hand in hand.

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