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A war of biblical proportions is brewing — and it’s pitting the Big Government left’s religious minded against the more traditional spiritual views of the limited government right.

Or, to cut to the chase: Progressives with greater and greater frequency are starting to cite biblical principles as a means of getting their political ways.

“It’s one of the dirty little secrets of American politics that there has been a religious left all along and it just hasn’t done a good job of organizing,” said J. Patrick Hornbeck II, chairman of the theology department at Fordham University in New York, Reuters reported.

So what’s the driving force now?

President Donald Trump.

“It has taken a crisis, or perceived crisis, like Trump’s election to cause folks on the religious left to really own their religion in the public square,” Hornbeck went on.

That’s funny. That’s what kind of brought out the Christian right — the Moral Majority many thought long-ago silent and subdued — during the most recent presidential campaign. Only opposite. Christian voters concerned about a Hillary Clinton White House, one that would be like Barack Obama on steroids, followed the Rev. Franklin Graham to all 50 state houses around the nation, filing the public squares for prayer vigils, asking God to intervene. Similarly filled were the television airwaves of Christian Broadcasting Network, whose hosts, including Pat Robertson, fielded prayer requests and political-laced discussions about the need to bring someone other than Clinton to power.

Well, tit-for-tat on that.

Apparently, the left is turning to God to intervene back. And who’s the de facto leader of this movement — this progressivism disguised as religion?

It’s unclear. But some say Pope Francis, who’s been on the forefront of not only criticizing Trump — albeit without always using Trump’s name — but also criticizing any politico who doesn’t seek open borders, fight for climate change regulation and put the plight of the poor above all else. Others say it’s Church World Service, and that coalition’s leaders who help skirt constitutional law and order by offering sanctuary to illegals.

Still others point to the organization Faith in Public Life, a progressive policy group that recently gathered together 300 members of the clergy and herded them to the U.S. Senate to block then-Sen. Jeff Sessions from becoming attorney general.

Now that group’s gone to a more generic spot on Capitol Hill to shine some pastoral light on the need to keep intact all-things-Obamacare.

Insert gagging noise here.

Can believers in Christ really be leftist?

Can devout followers of the Christian faith really align themselves with progressive policies — which are more to truth, socialist?

Good Lord, yes. Look at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — the pro-abortion Catholic. How that woman seriously reconciles the killing of the unborn with biblical teaching is one of the great mysteries of the world. But God does work in mysterious ways, as they say.

And in addition to abortion, God also apparently wants open borders, gun-free societies, tax-paid giveaways to the poor and climate change laws that reel back society to near car-less-ness — or at least, to a time when only the most powerful, most elite and wealthiest could afford to drive. (And if that happened to be Democrats and progressives, so be it). That’s the leftist view of God, anyway.

What a gold nugget for progressives — thing whole religious thing. Could prove a real profitable relationship — a win-win, as the kids say. God gets followers; progressives get political advancement.

But this god of political expediency isn’t real.

There’s a difference between a moral compass that guides the individual, and a moral compass that guides the government. Jesus, both while walking the earth and in his teachings that remain with us today, never told his disciples to demand government pay for the poor, for example. Rather, he gave them the example of reaching out with his own hands to help.

So here’s one clue in discerning the genuine nature of these so-called emerging believers of the faith.

If these “religious left” zealots are advocating for government intervention instead of pushing for sacrifice and assistance on the personal, individual basis, you know they’re false witnesses — wolves in disguise. Or rather, political beasts in disguise.

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